Collodion process / Light and Place

Photographs in history books? Yes, please!
Wet plate photos are surely a dying art but still alive here in Yanaka.
A local photographer, Mr. Wada has taken pictures in this old town where he grew up and has watched it evolve.
It all started when he encountered an old, broken camera.
After fixing the camera, he has made new friends and discovered a new, old world.
It encouraged him to open his own photo studio where he asks neighbors to be his models every time he changes the settings of his camera.
Now his studio is full of their pictures; it is an exhibit of the community—except everyone looks like important figures from history.
His photographs are nuanced and warm with a sense of humor.
You’ll need to make a reservation for a shoot and wait for your photo to be developed.
This means you’ll have time to explore the area and get some tips from a native Yanaka resident.
Why not stare at the camera lens for 6 seconds?


Photo size : D121mm×W165mm
Price for hanare guests: 19,000yen + tax

* Bookings essential.
If you are interested , please don’t hesitate to contact us.