*hanare upcoming event…*

This summer, hotel hanare collaborates with HIROCOLEDGE, the product label by the artist Hiroko Takahashi. We will have a special rental plan of Yukata during this month, between the 16th and the 25th of August.

This rental plan is only available to the guests who stays at hanare. The service includes rental Yukata, undergarment, Obi-belt, and dressing service but NOT Geta-sandals and hair make-up.

Product label by artist TAKAHASHIHIROKO, whose main activity is centred around the kimono as her medium for expression. Enjoy the blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the novelty of art, of geometric patterns and sensational designs. Without restricting to either East or West, HIROCOLEDGE collaborates and creates products with various makers throughout Japan.



HIROCOLEDGE / Hiroko Takahashi

Artist. Born 1977.
1996 Graduated in Fashion Design from Saitama prefectural Niiza Comprehensive Technical High School. Entered Tokyo University of the Arts, Dept. of Crafts.
2002 Started work as a designer in an apparel company once completing her Master’s in Fine Arts, majoring in dyeing and weaving.
2003 Re-enrolls into Tokyo University of the Arts for PhD.
2005 Invited by Culturefrance, then the AFAA (French Association for Artistic Action) of The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Resides and works in Cité Internationale des Arts.
2006, Dec. (Japan) Founds HIROCOLEDGE Co., Ltd. in order to create a company that manages Hiroko Takahashi.
2008, Mar. Completes PhD.
2013 Changes company name to TAKAHASHI HIROKO INC.

Patterns consisting of only circles and straight lines are the hallmarks of her work. Her undertaking of the concept to overturn fixed ideas and presumptions, to trigger contemplation, is an artwork in itself. She approaches her projects without being constrained by genre or medium. Such is ‘PORTRAIT’ a self-portrayed attempt to look at things from alternative perspectives. Also, ‘HIROCOLEDGE’ a project that takes into control all stages of a product being realised, from where the basic components are made, the people who craft it, all the way to where it is sold. In doing so, hoping to provoke the end-user as well as the market.