【Closed】New Free Accommodation Staff Wanted!

This entry has closed. Thank you. We are looking for a person who join us as a night-duty staff at our lodging. The requirements are below. Of the age of 20~35 years old Requires at least intermediate Japanese communication skills A person who can stay around 3 months from September – December 【Description of Duties】 *Night duty: from 22:00 at night to 8:00 in the morning You can sleep normally between those hours, however the assistance to the guests (if necessary) is required. You can also have day-time job at other place. 【Treatment】 We offer a Free Accommodation in the private room with a single-size bed, private refrigerator, free wifi, […]


We are happy to announce that hanare is open again from July 1st, 2020.Reservations are available until April 30, 2021, at this moment.Please contact us anytime for further information.We look forward to welcoming you in Yanaka in the near future!Best wishes from Yanaka, Tokyo.hanare team

Announcement of close Temporarily

Dear Guests,Hello, this is hanare.Thank you very much for your continuous support.It is very sad to announce this, but we have decided to close hanare temporarily in order to protect guests and our staffs under the spread of COVID-19.As the virus started to affect the globe quickly, we received many cancellations but with so many warm massages at the same time. We cannot express how grateful we felt, because those words are the very gasolines that keep us continue and not give up.We are a place for people and we love this town that we belong.We will keep you posted – let’s keep in touch through Instagram and our Facebook […]


*hanare upcoming event…* This summer, hotel hanare collaborates with HIROCOLEDGE, the product label by the artist Hiroko Takahashi. We will have a special rental plan of Yukata during this month, between the 16th and the 25th of August. This rental plan is only available to the guests who stays at hanare. The service includes rental Yukata, undergarment, Obi-belt, and dressing service but NOT Geta-sandals and hair make-up. Product label by artist TAKAHASHIHIROKO, whose main activity is centred around the kimono as her medium for expression. Enjoy the blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship with the novelty of art, of geometric patterns and sensational designs. Without restricting to either East or West, […]

We are featured in “Air France Madame”

We are featured in a Air France in-flight Magazine “Air France Madame”.We are glad that if more people from all over the world could know our lovely neighborhood YANAKA. エールフランスの機内誌「Air France Madame」にhanareが掲載されました。世界中の人々にYANAKAという寺町が広がるきっかけになればうれしいです。 我們非常榮幸能被刊登在法國航空的機內誌「Air France Madame」。同時也很開心能夠讓更多的人認識我們谷中這個懷有日式古老風情的小鎮。