Kimono / Itten Kimono SO-AN

Itten Kimono SO-AN is a unique kimono shop located on a cozy street in Nezu.
“Itten” means “ singular, extraordinary .”
As the name implies, they have a uniquely vintage collection of kimono.
Their skillful and friendly staff s will dress you in a kimono as well as offer hairdressing services.
Just leave your belongings with them and step out for a stroll in our beautiful neighbourhood of Yanesen
in your elegant new outfit! We are sure it will be an unforgettable experience from your stay.


hanare guests will receive a 500yen discount.

Kimono rental : 4,300yen + tax (3,800yen with discount.)
Yukata rental: 3,800yen + tax (3,500yen with discount.)
Hairdressing : 1,000~2,000yen + tax

* Bookings essential.
If you are interested , please don’t hesitate to contact us.